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Detailed informations about Argentina tourism

Argentina is located in South America and it is a popular destination place for the tourist people and Spanish is considered as the official language of the Argentina lugares turisticos en argentina country. Many of the people plan to go tourism in Argentina especially for visiting the Buenos Aires city which is the capital city of the Argentina and it is the center of commerce and culture. It is one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the world and for the shoppers because the city has huge number of shops. Another attraction place is cathedral metropolitan and it remains the San martin the Argentine liberator. The teatro colon is the famous and largest opera house in the world where other tourist’s attractions are on the Ambrosetti museum, San telmo, Home of the tango, Issac Fernandez blanco museum of Spanish American art and quarter of La Boca.

The JesuitIglesia San Ignacio is the oldest church in the Argentina city and the open areas of the Buenous Aires are a sequence of the parks along with the river plate. Catamarca is the famous place for trekking, horseback riding and hiking tours to the surrounding mountains where you can also enjoy the mountaineering, rafting and other adventure activities in the Cuyo an arid mountainous region of the Argentina. The scenic peak of the South La Plata attracts many climbers and hikers and the pampas are the flat plains that are located at the heart of the country. The most impressive natural beauty of the Argentina country is nothing but the Iguazu Falls that attracts many tourist people to visit the Argentina often.

Tips for the people planning for the tourism to Argentina

Argentina is a popular tourism destination place but it is important to note on any vacation like geological, cultural and meterological differences when travelling to abroad that could potentially ruin your entire trip. While the difference could be of minor one in some places but in others it may deeply offend a person to think many things to adopt. Don’t let this to happen at your case when you are planning for tourism in Argentina, below are some of the tips that will help you in your travel. They are.

  • The most common form of greeting or welcoming a person in Argentina between friends is kissing one another on their cheeks so don’t get caught into this when some try to behave like this just inform him before he does.
  • Since the English is said as a universal language the official language of the Argentina is Spanish so try to learn some basics things on Spanish.
  • More than 90% percent of the Argentina people’s religious faith lies in the Roman Catholic Church. Remember this as it does have the effect on what is not and what is kishoer.

The official currency of the Argentina country is the Peso and it comes in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 pesos in which one pesos are equal to one hundred cents and the color of the 2 pesos is blue, 5 pesos is green, 20 pesos is red, 100 pesos is violet/purple, 50 pesos is grey and 10 pesos is brown. So try to get or arrange for the Argentina currency so that it will be helpful to you to make easy purchase of the necessary things.